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Founded in 1850, American Express is one of the oldest and largest financial services companies in the world. With over 100 million credit card accounts on it's books, chances are you or someone you know carries an American Express credit card. These cards are heavily marketed to the personal and small business sectors, and their generous "no spending limit" can really help out those in a cash crunch. Unfortunately, this same benefit can turn into a nightmare if you or your business takes a turn for the worse. You can quickly find yourself owing ten's of thousands of dollars to American Express, and with no way to pay the increasing minimum payments, you'll soon find that Amex is one of the most aggressive creditors we deal with.

American Express, over the past 10 years, has substantially increased the amount of lawsuits they file to collect delinquent credit card debt. American Express has at least one contracted law firm in every state to handle filing a lawsuit against you on behalf of Amex. These lawsuits happen quickly, often occurring after only 4 months of non-payment.

Our attorneys will aggressively defend you against American Express and their teams of lawyers and force them to prove their case in court. American Express must have the required documentation to prove their lawsuit and without it they are entitled to NOTHING! We will attack their case every step of the way and make them prove they are legally entitled to collect on the debt. You will find that American Express is suddenly much more willing to negotiate once you have an actual attorney by your side. We'll also ensure all the harassment stops immediately, and all contact regarding the debt goes through us. Ultimately, our firm will either force Amex to dismiss their lawsuit, or negotiate a settlement of the original debt for an amount you can actually afford to pay.

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