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Are you being sued for defaulting on a car or boat loan? Has your RV, motorcycle or other recreational vehicle been repossessed? Banks and other private party lenders are filing lawsuits on defaulted vehicle and recreational loans at an alarming rate.

Maybe you are just currently upside down on your auto loan, and you aren't sure how to keep paying that large note every month? Or perhaps the bank has started threatening you with repossession, and you want to know what else you can do? Regardless of your current financial situation, it is time to learn your rights against these greedy lenders, and in the process explore your options.

After your vehicle has been repossessed, you still have rights.

Chad Johnson Managing Partner

It's a common misconception that once your car or motorcycle is repossessed, you no longer have to worry about the loan obligation. Unfortunately, the loan agreement you signed was written by the finance company. Buried deep in that contract is a clause that states you agree to pay the full amount of the loan even if the vehicle is repossessed. What's worse, the lender or bank also makes you agree to pay any fees they incur for coming and taking your vehicle in the middle of the night! So now you have no car, you owe more than your original loan amount, and to top it off, the lender is suing you to collect.

The good news is that even after your vehicle has been repossessed, you still have rights. In many of the auto, boat, RV and motorcycle lawsuits we've defended, our lawyers were able to uncover evidence that the repossession company or collection agency violated our clients rights by breaching the peace during repossession. In other cases, we were able to show that the vehicle was improperly stored or handled, or that the there was an unreasonable commercial, public, or private sale of the asset. All of these events ultimately meant the dismissal of the bank or lenders lawsuit, and in a few cases, money being recovered against the banks and lenders for substantial violations of these laws. Article 9 of the UCC lists your rights as a consumer in the state of Texas, and the lawyers of Johnson & Bryan will fight hard to protect and enforce those rights!

Our attorneys will aggressively fight your finance company or recreational vehicle lender and force them to prove their lawsuit is valid in court. We will attack their case every step of the way and make them prove they are legally entitled to collect on the debt. You will find that your lender is suddenly much more willing to work with you once you have an actual attorney by your side. Ultimately, our firm will either force the lender to dismiss their lawsuit, or negotiate a settlement of the outstanding loan amount at a substantial discount.

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