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A recent study estimated that over 90% of liens filed in Texas are either invalid or fraudulent.

That's a lot of room for error from your creditor, and chances are your lien is invalid as well. At Johnson & Bryan, we have successfully removed hundreds of liens from all kinds of property owned by our clients.
We explain the overall lien process in Texas here on our website, but the 10 second overview is that lien releases are highly complex and riddled with different laws and regulations depending on the type of lien, who filed it, when it was filed, etc. Regardless of how you ultimately ended up with this lien, we have many different remedies available to get your lien invalidated and removed.
Good News! We can help.

As you've probably already figured out, a lien against your property can be an enormous headache. It effectively clouds the title to your property, making it extremely difficult to convince a title company to insure your home once you are ready to sell. This can delay or even derail a closing, and cost you valuable time and money at the exact moment you really need to move.

Luckily, our lawyers have a lot of experience in this area and an arsenal of tools we use to get these liens removed. We can quickly identify defective language in a lien, or a failure by the creditor to adhere to the statutory notices required by law. A quick phone call to the creditor's counsel can usually resolve these issues and secure your lien release. For tougher cases, we have had great results negotiating directly with the creditor. This is especially true with liens against the homestead, as our attorneys have long established relationships with almost all the major lenders and can usually secure the lien release at substantially lower rates. If all else fails, we also have additional options like statutory lien bonds and lawsuit petitions to remove the lien.

Knowing what drives creditors and the inner working of their collections department is just one thing that sets Johnson & Bryan apart from other firms in this area. With our experience, you can rest assured that the sale of your property will move forward as planned, and your title will be clear to satisfy the underwriter at closing. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your troublesome lien and learn how we can work on getting it removed.

Our lien release process in a nutshell:
We quickly identify defects in the lien and contact the creditor's attorney for release
of cases end here
We work with your creditor to settle the lien at a reduced rate in exchange for a release
of cases end here
Legal Remedy
We challenge the lien in court or secure a lien bond to satisfy the title company
of cases end here
Your lien is resolved and the title to your home is cleared for sale
Home with Sunshine and Clear Title
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