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Serious accidents, illness, and disabilities can often happen without warning. When these events occur, outrageous medical bills can overwhelm you before you know it. Add on the fact that health issues are usually accompanied by lost wages, and you can soon find yourself in substantial medical debt that is outside your means to repay.

Unfortunately, you will soon find that health care providers are unsympathetic to your current situation. Here in Texas, medical debt is handled like credit card debt... despite medical treatment being necessary to sustain life. Once your health care provider turns into a bill collector, they must follow the same laws as any other debt collector in the state. It is time to learn your rights against health care providers and medical debt collectors, and in the process explore your options. Don’t let medical creditors harass you by charging late fees and interest which are not allowed by law.

Once a health care provider becomes a bill collector, they must follow the same laws as every other debt collector in the state.

Chad Johnson Managing Partner

Health care providers and medical debt collection firms file medical debt related lawsuits hoping that you do not respond, and in the process easily obtain a default judgment. With this judgment in hand, the medical provider or lender will freeze and garnish your bank accounts and/or place a lien on your home. They can also attempt to seize and sell non-exempt assets which you have worked a lifetime to afford, such as your motorcycle or RV. Don't give your medical creditor an easy win! If you are facing a medical debt related lawsuit here in Texas, we can help.

Our attorneys will aggressively fight your health care provider or medical debt collector and force them to prove their lawsuit is valid in court. We will attack their case every step of the way and make them prove they are legally entitled to collect on the debt. You will find that your medical creditor is suddenly much more willing to work with you once you have an actual attorney by your side. Ultimately, our firm will either force the health care provider or medical debt collector to dismiss their lawsuit, or negotiate a settlement of the medical debt at a substantially reduced amount that you can actually afford to pay.

If you are facing a medical debt lawsuit or other medically related debt issues here in Texas, don't wait until it's too late. Contact the experienced debt relief attorneys of Johnson & Bryan today for a free evaluation of your case.

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