Help! I had a judgment filed against me!

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It's important to understand that once a creditor obtains a judgment against you, IT IS NOT OVER!

Yes, a judgment can make resolving your debt issues more difficult... but don't be discouraged. We have helped hundreds of clients deal with their judgment here in Texas, and we can use all that experience to help you too!
We explain the overall judgment process here on our website. Regardless of how you ultimately ended up with this judgment, we have many different strategies available to get your judgment removed.
If you wait too long, a judgment will spiral out of control. It will cloud the title on your home. You'll wake up one morning with your bank accounts frozen, and be unable to access the funds you desperately need. We can help you avoid all of these headaches and more with just a simple phone call.
Let's talk strategy!

There are several tools Johnson & Bryan utilizes to resolve judgments. The most popular option is negotiating a settlement with your creditor where a reduced payoff amount is made in exchange for removing the judgment. If your creditor is unwilling to negotiate, or there are technical issues with the original lawsuit, we have had success taking the creditor back to court and fighting the service of the judgment for being defective. In cases where the judgment is valid and your creditor simply won't budge, a final strategy is to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to remove all of your debt and start fresh. Every case is unique, but we will thoroughly explain your options to get the best result for you.

Our most common tools to remove a judgment in Texas:
Make a deal with your creditor in exchange for dropping the judgment

Best When:
  • You have cash available to settle
  • You have assets you need to protect
Fight in Court
Challenge the validity of the judgment through the Bill of Review process

Best When:
  • There are issues with the judgment
  • The original creditor is defunct
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Wipe away all of your existing debt and start fresh on your credit

Best When:
  • A settlement is not possible
  • You have other unpaid debts
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